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The website of the Birmingham regional NHS occupational lung disease service

The Birmingham regional NHS occuptional lung disease service is part of Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust and based at Birmingham Chest Clinic, in the centre of Birmingham, UK

We also see patients with a variety of occupational intersitial lung diseases and pneumoconioses (eg. silicosis, siderosis) as well as asbestos lung diseases (eg. visceral pleural thickening, asbestosis)

We deliver an NHS service for diagnosing and managing patients with work-related lung disorders.  This includes patients who are still working as well as those with historical workplace exposures

Our long-established team of NHS consultants, physiologists and specialist nurses is amongst the most experienced in the UK and Europe in assessing and managing work-related lung diseases

We investigate patients for allergic dieases such as occupational asthma and hypersensitivity pneuminitis, as well as   acute inhalational accidents and occupational emphysema

If you are a patient or a healthcare professional please follow the links to find out more about the services we offer, how to make a referral, or how to contact us for further information

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